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Ridat made a huge advance to its range by taking over and merging RCS Thermoforming, another UK based manufacturer of thermoforming equipment but with high speed and aut omatic range. It enables Ridat to compete with the European majors in the design and manufacture of high speed Pressure Forming and Thermoforming machinery (both inline systems with pre-heat, form trim & stack systems), Industrial Vacuum Formers and Blister Packaging systems.

Following the merger of the two British companies, what we have done is evolve a new generation of specialist high speed machinery for today’s competitive business world. Our equipment incorporates high degree of sophistication and its reliability has been proved in the toughest environments.

AVF for moulding thick sheets of thermoformable material.  Add on modules for sheet feed systems and reel feed attachments are also optionally available.

Ridat Vacuum Formers with Duplex Heaters with its standard high specifications provides consistent production to match the European majors. We offer wide range of standard models and are ever ready to respond to requests for bespoke specifications.

With Superior Performance at highly competitive prices, the Ridat AVF series of machines are delight for all Production Manager, Business Owners and Finance Director.

8040AVF -  RIDAT Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine8040AVF
12080AVF - RIDAT Custom Made Large Format Vacuum Forming Machine12080AVF

AFCS for automatic processing of roll-fed material with 3-pitch pre-heat vacuum forming, trimming and stacking.  Pressure Forming versions are also available.

Ridat form-cut stack systems offer comparatively bigger forming areas with more powerful servo driven trimming presses, so as to provide greater flexibility with mould design and use of the newer thermoformable materials. 

The Ridat 3-stage thermoforming machines will accept tooling used in most competitors machines; tooling costs are also generally greatly lower.

With Superior Performance at highly competitive prices, the Ridat AFCS series of machines are delight for all Production Manager, Business Owners and Finance Directors.

2416AFCS - RIDAT Thermoforming, Cut and Stack System2416AFCS

Automatic Blister Packaging System (ABP)

(Blister form, separate, seal & remove)

Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Process

ABP for complete blister (pressure) forming, filling and sealing with coated backing media.

The Ridat Automatic Blister Packaging systems are the most advanced in the comprehensive range of Ridat.

Blister Packaging equipment is designed for high volume users. Modular format enables the equipment to be split to operate asa stand-alone high volume blister former or a high speed precision indexing fully automated blister sealing conveyor.

1004ABP - RIDAT Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Machine1004ABP
2216CE - RIDAT Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Machine2216CE

APF for automatic processing of roll-fed material with pressure forming and punching in station operation.

Ridat APF series of Pressure Forming Machines has a comparatively smaller forming area and low tooling costs.

Any of the APF machine can readily form the basis of a start up thermoforming business geared to the increasingly popular plastic disposables.

With Ridat equipment reliable production of thermoformed components is assured.

2415APF - RIDAT Automatic Pressure Forming Machine2415APF
1610APF - RIDAT  Automatic Pressure Former1610APF

ATF Semi Automatic Thermoforming machine (earlier referred to as the Super series) featuring in-line pre-heating, heating, large format forming, material transportation and sheet separation

Another old faithful of trade formers producing chocolate, biscuit box inserts and similar components that permits trimming of multiple sheets at a time on say the Ridat Roller Cutting Presses.

With its large forming area, the Ridat ATF’s allowed flexibility in mould design, low unit cost and high volume production.

It also finds favour with in-house manufacturers of building products like roofing & ventilation panels; underfloor heating panels; drainage (both roof & underground) and cut-off walls for contaminated land.

The larger model 4848ATF is available also as a pressure former.

4848ATF - Large Format Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine 4848ATF
3025ATF - Large Format Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine 3025ATF
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