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Automatic Thermoforming Cut & Stack System (AFCS)

(also referred to as 3 & 4 stage thermoformer)

Ridat's Automatic Vacuum Form-Cut & Stack AFCS machines are ideally suited to inexpensive production of vacuum formed components and clam-shells with flexible operation

Ridat’s AFCS-P series of Automatic Form-Cut & Stack machines is the pressure forming version of the 3 & 4 stage thermoforming machine. It provides high output operation with fine product definition of the thermoformed components produced.. 

Key machine features include:

  • Robust, reliable and designed for medium to large scale production of thermoformed components 
  • Balanced heating with multi-zone PID heater control
  • HMI operator panel with program memory, diagnostics
  • Material transport by spike chain system powered by servo drive to achieve +/- 0.3 mm accuracy
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump for instant vacuum supply
  • 60mt servo driven steel rule punch press fitted as standard to provide greater flexibility in mould design and enables processing of newer materials (e.g. PET)
  • Fully integrated stacking station
  • CE Mark

The Ridat AFCS series of Automatic Thermoform-Cut-Stack machines offer comparatively larger forming area and a substantially more powerful servo driven trim press than most European manufacturers   and thereby provides more flexibility with mould design and use of the newer materials like PETG.

Optional features include:

  • Additional press (24MT)
  • Pre-oven
2416AFCS - RIDAT Thermoforming, Cut and Stack System
2416AFCS - RIDAT Thermoforming, Cut and Stack System

Typical Thermoformed Components

  • chocolate box inserts & biscuit trays
  • cosmetic & toy inserts
  • ready-meal trays
  • display packaging
  • tote and straight-on trays
  • fruit punnets
  • confectionary packaging
  • blisters for numerous packs
  • point of sale & display packaging
  • glasses
  • cups & pots