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Large Format Automatic Thermoforming Machine (ATF)

Ridat's ATF series of Large Format Thermoforming machine is designed for high speed production of thermoformed components and its versatility made possible by its large format and continuous performance

Thermoformable material is reel-fed into a 2-stage pre-heating station and then vacuum formed.  Multi-cavity formings are then separated from the plastic web and the thermoformed sheet is pushed out.

Key machine features include:

  • Dance roller for controlled material feed
  • Double pitch (top and bottom) heaters for processing thick sheets of up to 2.5mm thickness
  • Plug assistance to improve material distribution for deep draw products
  • Spike chain powered by gear-motor  for quick and accurate material transport
  • Large reservoir tank and Rotary Vane pump for instant vacuum supply
  • Double acting guillotine for easy sheet separation
  • User friendly Microprocessor Controls and HMI Operator Panel for setting up and error diagnostics
  • CE Mark

For thermoformed sheets like chocolate box inserts, biscuit trays, underfloor & roofing panels, automotive door protection covers or other components that lend itself to trimming of multiple sheets at a time, the Ridat Automatic Large Format Thermoforming Machine offers flexibility in mould design, low component cost and high volume production. 

Optional features include:

  • Edge & centre slitters
  • Pressure forming version
  • Dual guillotine
4848ATF - Large Format Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine
4848ATF - Large Format Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Typical Thermoformed Components

  • chocolate box inserts & biscuit trays
  • roofing & ventilation panel
  • heat exchange & underfloor heating panels
  • drainage (both roof & underground
  • and cut-off walls for contaminated land
  • blisters for numerous applications
  • transit trays, straight-on or tote trays
  • cosmetic box inserts
  • displays
Biscuit tray packaging
chocolate packaging
heat exchanger packaging