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Most commonly used items are usually available from stock.

These include:

Heaters, relays, contactors, timers, energy regulators, switches, pneumatic cylinders, valves, reed switches & consumables like sealing rubber.

Ridat has over 2500 installations around the globe. Our machines are reliable, provide consistent production and are supported by after-sales backup.

With over 70 models in the range, Ridat will surely have a model appropriate to your requirement. With our machines you can be sure of getting Superior Performance at Competitive Prices. We offer reliability with consistent production.

Ridat offers 5-years warranty supported by excellent customer-oriented after sales care and planned maintenance as standard.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Ridat offers Planned Maintenance / Service Agreement to all Ridat machine users to minimise the risk of machine downtime.

No "signing on" fee

When you buy Ridat equipment you are automatically entitled to enrol into a Service Agreement that offers a 15% discount on the cost of all service attendance and spares supply.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned visits by Ridat engineers to carry out preventative maintenance are arranged in advance to suit your convenience. We will assist you to minimise disruption associated with break downs.

We are one phone call away

Customers without a service agreement can also arrange to service their Ridat equipment with a simple call or email.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8458 6468