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Automatic Blister Packaging System (ABP)

Automatic Blister Packaging System (ABP)

(Blister form, separate, seal & remove)

Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Process

Ridat’s Automatic Blister Packaging (ABP) range of machines is ideally designed for high volume forming and clam shell   packaging requirements.It forms and separates the blisters; after product placement, cards (or other backing media) are automatically placed and sealed onto the blisters. Finally the completed blister packs are removed to the delivery station.

Available in modular form to enable either the blister former or the heat-sealing conveyor as a stand-alone, fully automated unit.

Key machine features include:

  • Contact heat to ensure rapid and precise heating
  • Side clamping of material to eliminate edge wastage
  • Female mould with plug for excellent blister or clam shell definition
  • Ridat’s unique twin-seal press for high speed, low pressure heat sealing
  • Permits either manual or automatic placement of products to be blister or clam shell packed
  • Automatic card feed(s) or reel feed of film media
  • Automatic removal of the completed pack
  • CE Mark

Ridat readily provides bespoke solutions for fully automated blister packing form fill and heat sealing solutions with high specifications at competitive prices. Modular design allows the unit to be used as a standalone blister former or blister sealing conveyor sealer

Optional features include:

  • Additional card feed
  • Automatic product feed
  • Delivery conveyor
1004ABP - RIDAT Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Machine
1004ABP - RIDAT Automatic Blister Forming & Sealing Machine

Typical Blister Packs

  • hardware sundries (eg. super glue)
  • batteries & fuses
  • stationary items (eg. clips & pins)
  • cosmetics (eg. lip stick)
  • pharmaceutical
  • razors & blades
  • tooth-brush
  • domestic bulbs
batteries packaging
glue packaging
Hardware packaging
Sanitary products