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Automatic Pressure Forming Machine (APF)

Ridat's Automatic Pressure Forming Machine (APF) range is ideally suited to the production of high quality thermoformed components with precise definition and finish

  • The APF series of Pressure Forming Machines is robust, reliable and designed for medium scale production of thermoformed products
  • Pressure forming gives accuracy of forming, fine definition, excellent finish and good material distribution
  • Thermoformable material is reel-fed under a multi-zone heater to ensure balanced heat
  • Forming uses compressed air (range: 0.7 - 2.7 atm)
  • Thermoformed components are trimmed in-place within the mould
  • Formed components are cleared from the mould by air blast
  • Skeletal trim is wound onto a rewind unit
  • Certain formed products ideally suited to in-line stacking
  • Material fed by duplex spike chain powered by servo motor
  • CE Mark

The main benefit of the Ridat APF series of Pressure forming machines is the comparative smaller forming area with low tooling and start up costs, matched with reliable production of thermoformed components.

Optional features include:

  • Pre-oven
  • Stacker / Unscrambler
  • Out-station trim press
2415APF - RIDAT Automatic Pressure Forming Machine
2415APF - RIDAT Automatic Pressure Forming Machine

Typical Pressure Formed Components

  • dairy cups
  • pots & lids
  • yoghurt tubs & lids
  • horticulture seed trays
  • plant & flower pots
  • fruit punnets & baskets
  • meat trays
  • salad bowls
  • disposable cups
  • glasses & lids
  • portion packs
  • catering trays
Plastic cups
Food trays
Food trays
Food trays