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Industrial Vacuum Former (AVF)

Ridat’s Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine range with Double Heater (AVF) is designed for consistent production of all commonly used thermoformable material of up to 12mm thickness

Robust construction with an automatic vacuum forming cycle and user-friendly touch screen control of all processing features.

Key machine features include:

  • Top and bottom heaters ensure balanced heat distribution with minimal material stress. The dual ceramic heaters also enable a variety of material sheet types (such as PVC, PP, PS, APET, GPET, HDPE, ABS) to be vacuum formed.
  • Clamp frame and mould table are both raised by four cylinders and guided by rack and pinion mechanism for smooth and parallel movement
  • Fully sealed mould chamber to maintain vacuum pressure and facilitate pre-blow and bubble
  • Photo electric sensor to control sheet sag and bubble height
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump for instant vacuum supply 
  • High velocity turbo fans to cool the vacuum formed sheets
  • CE Mark

The Ridat AVF Series of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines provide high specifications.

Optional features include:

  • Plug assistance (Top Mould)
  • Sheet feed / reel feed add on modules
  • Servo drive for all heaters and mould table lift
  • Pyrometer for heating and/or cooling

Typical Vacuum Formed Products

  • automobile parts (e.g. facia and roof racks)
  • aircraft components (lockers and window frames)
  • caravan components
  • Suitcase shells
  • Refrigeration inners and doors
  • Bathtubs, wash basins and shower trays
  • Boats and surf boards
  • Toys (e.g. slides and tubs)
  • External facades (e.g. displays and signs)
  • Point of sale display stands
Seats for Aeroplanes
Bath tubs
Large Automobile parts