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MediVac Vacuum Forming Machine (MediVac)

Ridat’s MediVac range of vacuum forming machines are designed for use by hospitals to produce moulds for radiotherapy masks.

To make the shells, an impression of the patient is first taken & from this a plaster positive cast is made. The cast is placed in the Ridat Vacuum Former and plastic film is heated and drawn down over the cast by applying vacuum.

These transparent plastic vacuum formed shells are used to immobilise and position the patients comfortably so that the external beam radiotherapy can be planned and given in a precise and repeatable manner.

This route offers more accuracy, better in replicating the contours of the body, less flimsy, can be readily labelled and much more suitable for skin sparing.

Key machine features include:

  • Ceramic heaters with multi-zone heater control for balanced heat
  • Horizontally moving heater box
  • Crucial heating cycle digitally timed
  • Front opening material clamp with spring loaded  hinge
  • Manual clamp locking
  • Sturdy drape table with smooth and easy movement
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump for instant vacuum supply
  • User friendly operator panel
  • CE Mark

  Optional features include:

  • Canopy
  • Alternative aperture plates

MediVac - RIDAT Vacuum Forming Machine
MediVac - RIDAT Vacuum Forming Machine


  • shells for neck & head
  • shells for thorax
Medivac process
Radiotherapy shells by RIDAT Medivac
Radiotherapy shells by RIDAT Medivac
Radiotherapy shells by RIDAT Medivac