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Blister Sealing Press (BSP)

Ridat’s Blister Sealing Press (BSP) range is designed to heat seal adhesive coated card or film media onto pre-formed blisters

Production steps are as follows:

  • Pre-formed blisters are placed in in-expensive jigs
  • Products are laid inside the blisters
  • Adhesive coated card or film media is placed on top and positioned by spring loaded pins
  • The assembly is then moved to the heating station where the backing media is sealed to the blister
  • While the heat sealing operation is taking place the other stations are being  unloaded and reloaded
  • This process can be manual or fully automated

Key machine features include:

  • Sturdy Press    
  • Static Heater Platen with thermostat control
  • Digital Timer for process control  
  • Aluminium Table powered by pneumatic cylinder
  • Auto models powered by gear motor
  • CE Mark

Optional features include:

  • Additional number of stations (either 2, 4, 5 or 6)
  • Automatic card placement
  • Automatic pack removal 

Typical Applications

  • pharmaceutical capsule wallets
  • razors & blades
  • hardware items & tools
  • DIY products
  • telephone sockets & filters
  • domestic batteries & fuses
  • stationary items
  • car accessories
  • computer accessories
Packaging Blister Packs
Packaging Blister Packs
Packaging Blister Packs
Packaging Blister Packs