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Ridat, with its desire to be a single source supplier of thermoforming machines, augmented its range with ancillaries needed in the secondary processes of trimming and sealing.

Ridat Blister Sealing Press is designed to heat seal adhesive coated card or film onto pre-formed blisters

The comprehensive Ridat range includes shuttle, rotary, and conveyor type of blister sealing presses. These cater to entry level blister heat sealing presses to high speed production lines.

 The blister sealers are available in the standard “industrial” specifications or “pharmaceutical” versions with many options for validation.

Ridat heat sealing presses offer high specifications, consistent production and a wide range of standard models   to suit most requirements and a readiness to respond to requests for bespoke specifications.


Ridat Roller Die Cutting Press is designed to outline-cut in a wide variety of materials

Simple in operation, the progressive die-cut of the Ridat roller cutters with its solid pressure rollers enables it to provide consistent cut with even thick material.

406RCP - RIDAT Roller Cutting Press406RCP
276RCP - RIDAT Roller Cutting Press276RCP
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