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Semi-Manual Vacuum Forming Machine (SM)

Ridat Semi-Manual (SM) Vacuum Forming Machines offer, as standard high specifications, consistent production and a wide range of standard models and readiness to respond to requests for bespoke specifications

The crucial heating cycle is automatic, and its movement is pneumatically powered. All other functions are power assisted, while placement of thermoformable sheet and removal of the vacuum formed product are both manual operations.

Key machine features include:

  • Ceramic heaters with multi-zone heater control for balanced heat
  • Power assisted and timer-controlled heater box movement
  • Hinged clamp frame - powered by two air cylinders
  • Mould chamber fully sealed to maintain vacuum pressure
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump for instant vacuum supply
  • CE Mark

Optional features include:

  • Plug assistance
  • High velocity cooling fans
  • Reducing aperture
  • Exit tunnel
3020SM Semi-Manual Vacuum Former
3020SM Semi-Manual Vacuum Former

Typical Vacuum Formed Components

  • display packaging
  • lamp shades
  • transit trays
  • toys & cosmetic tray inserts
  • aircraft parts - tables, lockers
  • games & construction sets
  • door skins panels
  • spectacle & jewellery case inserts
  • display merchandise & point of sale stands