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Midmatic Vacuum Forming Machine (MM)

Ridat Midmatic series of vacuum and blister forming machines are designed for the production of blister formings, clam shells and general trade moulding. It is ideally suited for medium scale production of vacuum formed components and clam shells using commonly used thermoformable materials like PVC, PP, PS, PETG & HDPE

The Ridat mid range automatic vacuum forming machine, hence commonly known as the Midmatic, provides for fully automatic operation including material haul-off, indexing of the vacuum formed sheet and sheet separation of multi-cavity thermoformed components.

Key machine features include:

  • Ceramic heaters with multi-zone heater control for balanced heat
  • Power assisted and timer controlled heater box movement
  • Hinged clamp frame - powered by two air cylinders
  • Mould chamber fully sealed to maintain vacuum  pressure
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump  for instant vacuum supply
  • Smooth tracking for material index
  • Centre plug guillotine for sheet separation
  • Microprocessor Controls and HMI Display
  • CE Mark

Since the early 70’s, the Ridat Midmatic Vacuum Forming Machine has served as the work horse for the thermoforming industry until the introduction of the form-cut stack machines. Most of the leading trade formers in the UK and many across the English speaking nations around the globe started operations with a Ridat Midmatic Vacuum Former and Roller Cutting Press.

Optional features include:

  • Plug assistance
  • High velocity cooling fans
  • Model RC1 water recirculator
3624MM – RIDAT Midmatic Vacuum Forming Machine
3624MM – RIDAT Midmatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Typical Vacuum Formed Components

  • transit trays
  • straight-on / tote trays
  • toys and cosmetic tray inserts
  • food trays
  • fruit punnets & tubs
  • blisters for numerous applications
  • trapped blisters
  • clam shells & fold over packs
  • display merchandise
Plastic blister forming
Plastic blister forming
Plastic Trays
Blister packaging