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Manual Vacuum Forming Machine (M)

Ridat Manual (M) vacuum forming machines provides a low cost solution and is designed for the moulding of thermoformed components using any of the common thermoformable materials

The 1714M is amongst the smallest models in the Ridat range. They are ideal for small scale production, sampling plastics, checking moulds, testing forming techniques, and laboratory work. Schools and colleges have also found them very useful for art and craft classes.

It can be used for Skin Packing and to form blisters.

It is manually operated - the plastic sheet is secured under the clamp frame by a cam-action lever. The heater slides smoothly on runners and is pulled out above the plastic; heating it. The heater is pushed back again by hand. A foot pedal raises and lowers the drape table.

All Ridat vacuum forming machines can be customized for your application.

Key machine features include:

  • Ceramic heaters with heat control using energy regulator
  • Horizontally moving heater box
  • Crucial heating cycle timed
  • Front opening material clamp with spring loaded  hinge
  • Manual clamp locking
  • Sturdy drape table with smooth and easy movement
  • High capacity vacuum reservoir and pump for instant vacuum supply
  • User friendly operator panel
  • CE Mark

Optional features include:

  • Cooling fans
  • Reducing aperture
1714M - RIDAT Manual Vacuum Forming Machine
1714M - RIDAT Manual Vacuum Forming Machine

Typical Applications

  • display packaging
  • games & construction sets
  • masks & reliefs
  • door skins & panels
  • spectacle & jewellery case inserts
  • display merchandise
  • façades & signs
Manual Forming
plastic trays
Sanitary products