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Ridat range includes a number of manual models designed to cater to the needs of schools, model-makers and for prototyping. These benefit from Ridat’s over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of thermoforming equipment to high engineering standards. These series of machines have been designed to provide a low cost solution.

Ridat offers a range of manually operated vacuum forming solutions; all Ridat machines can be customised for your application

Ridat offers a wide range of Manual Vacuum Forming models and readiness to respond to requests for bespoke specifications.

3020M - RIDAT Manual Vacuum Forming Machine3020M
1714M - RIDAT Manual Vacuum Forming Machine1714M

MediVac Vacuum Former designed specifically for hospitals

Ridat MediVac series of vacuum formers offers a choice of sizes depending on whether shells were to be made to fit the head and neck or to fit the thorax.

Despite being messier than the thermoplastic option, vacuum formed shells are generally more accurate, better in replicating the contours of the body, less flimsy, easier to label and more suitable for skin sparing.

MediVac - RIDAT Vacuum Forming Machine3624SA MediVac
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